About the Authoress 

As of 2019 I have photographed more than 16,000 individual wild plants, animals and insects spread across over 2,000 species including over 100 species considered rare/endangered.  I have also been to over 175 state and national parks and many more regional parks and wildlife management areas.


My photographs have been shot with a variety of cameras of varying abilities (and rarely even cell phone).  Unless otherwise noted, all subjects photographed were wild.




Quite simply, I LOVE photography.  I always have.  


Because of this love, I pretty much always carry a camera around with me. 


Yes, pretty much everywhere I go.  


And yes, I carry an actual camera - a singular device whose only reason for existence is to take pictures. 


Needless to say, I go through cameras quite regularly (as I am not the most gentle and mindful person when it comes to these modern marvels of motion capture).  I also take pictures under all sorts of conditions - many of which are not conducive to the health of a piece of electronic equipment.  Still, the end result makes it all worth it in the end.  Or at least I like to think it does.


Fortunately (for my wallet), I don't carry around one of those $1,000 models complete with a tripod and sets.  I only carry a click and shoot camera - relying primary on being at the right place, at the right time and having the right eye and angle to get my shot.


The dirty work done, I have always enjoyed sharing my photographs with others - primarily in the hopes that they will be inspired to go out & experience the world around them (as well as venture to places they've never been).


Now, at last having let all of the compliments on my photographic prowess go to my head, I have decided to publish my photos for the whole world to enjoy and maybe, just maybe, to inspire those who, like me, have a talent and/or love for photography.

August Farrow
Seamonkey Ink