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August Farrow is a female photographer of color who creates and publishes collections of photographs she has taken.
Looking for Grea Alexander? Try  http://greaalexander.seamonkeyink.com/
As for me, one of my photos is featured on the permanent signage at the redesigned Houston Arboretum.  Look for it in the meadow next to the rear pond!
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Seamonkey Ink Authoress: Grea Alexander

Click on the representative covers below to learn more about each of these photobook series.
Please note:These titles can currently be viewed for free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.
Scenic Beaches both in the U.S and beyond
Gorgeous Mountain Landscapes from across America
Beautiful and interesting flowers, plants & fungi
Exquisite rock formations including canyons and arches
A collection of insects - both wild and captive
A collection of butterflies - both wild and captive
Lovely scenes & landscapes dominated by trees as well as gorgeous individual trees
Beautiful scenes & landscapes dominated by water of all types including oceans, rivers, lakes and waterfalls
A collection of animal photos - both wild and captive
Stunning painted desert and other barren landscapes
Some of my favorite and most unusual bird photographs
A tribute to the sadly defunct Houston Garden Center:  overall scenic shots, mixed flower landscapes & books of individual flowers grouped solely by color
Wild Insects & Spiders from all around the U.S. and beyond thru 2019: sorted by location
Wildlife from all around the U.S. and beyond thru 2019: sorted by location
Wild birds from all around the U.S. and beyond thru 2019: sorted by location
A collection of wildlife from all around the U.S. taken between January 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2019: sorted by location
Volcanic landscapes and formations from around the U.S.
Gorgeous skies and interesting cloud formations
Lovely scenic shots that include bridges